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Ladder Safety

How do you know if your ladder is still safe to use?

Did you know that ladders are involved in 81% of construction workers fall injuries? Inspecting a ladder is a quick and easy thing to do, but it is also very easy to forget. We’ve all been there: they look fine, they stand straight… What else is there to see?

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Ladder Safety Ladders


Within recent years, trends have shown an increase in the use of platform ladders, both in industrial and residential users. Here is why you shouldn’t be without one.

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Choosing the right attic ladder

This short article will help you choose the attic ladder you need. Remember that investing in the right attic ladder is essential, you don’t want to be one of those homeowners that made the wrong choice and hardly ever use their attic space.

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4 Things to Know About Choosing the Right Ladder

Most people, in and out of the trades, use some type of climbing device on a regular basis. For the homeowner it can be something as benign as a step stool to reach higher shelves, change a light bulb or even smoke detector batteries.

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Five FREE resources for YOUR Ladder Safety Month

What is ladder safety month? For the last 3 years, March has become the National Ladder Safety Month thanks to the American Ladder Institute and their focus on ladder safety. Every year they strive to increase awareness about how to properly setup and use ladders. The goal? Reduce ladder injuries…

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