Five FREE resources for YOUR Ladder Safety Month

What is ladder safety month?
For the last 3 years, March has become the National Ladder Safety Month thanks to the American Ladder Institute and their focus on ladder safety. Every year they strive to increase awareness about how to properly setup and use ladders. The goal? Reduce ladder injuries and deaths.

1.  ALI Safety Checklist

See Something, Say Something: If you see a friend or co-worker incorrectly using a ladder, say something. Explain the action that is wrong and how it could be used safely instead.

Conduct a ladder inspection: Reach out to your rep or sales director and have them come do a ladder inspection. Find out if your ladders would pass OSHA audits. They can also help find solutions to common ladder misuses.

Have a group meeting at least once a week and go over the top misuses of a ladder and how to overcome them: Before starting work, choose a safety aspect to go over with your team. Make sure that safety is the first thing on their mind before going out on the jobsite.

Put a checklist in common or break areas: Leave a checklist about ladder safety in your break rooms and common areas for all to see.  This is a great checklist provided by the American Ladder Institute

2.  CLIMB Academy

Take a ladder training course: Both the American Ladder Institute and Louisville Ladder have comprehensive ladder training courses. These are designed to go over all that is involved in ladders how to use them safely, and how to take care of them.  C.L.I.M.B. Academy includes a workbook, tests, and a certificate for passing the course.


The American ladder institute also has a good ladder safety training course on its website.  We encourage use of either one.  JUST take ONE

4.  Top 10 Citations List

Watch out for these common mistakes, they are not only citations, they are a cautionary tales. Avoid these as they are likely some things you have done.

5.  Ladder Safety Resources

Keep these resources near your tool shed or wherever ladders are used to remind all users about the safe use and the need to inspect your ladder every time it is used.

For more information and resources, visit Louisville or the ALI’s National Safety Month website.

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