Find My Ladder






The type of ladder or work platform you need depends on the job. With different heights, rails, and configurations, the right tool can make your task safer and easier to accomplish.

Attic Ladder

Easy to install, wide clearance, retractable attic ladders to make storage easily accessible.

Extension Ladder

The most versatile style of ladder, found in a variety of sizes. Most commonly used for higher elevations.


Versatile, easy to setup ladders that can be used as a step or extension ladder, depending on what the job requires.

Step Ladders

The most popular style of ladder. Used from medium to low heights. They utilize pail shelves and tops to hold tools for the job.

Step Stools

Small and portable, these foldable step ladders help reach high shelves at home and at the workplace.

Planks & Stages

Scaffold planks with angled surfaces and overflow slots to keep water, mud and snow from building up on the surface.

Select A Material

The next step in selecting your perfect ladder or work platform is choosing the right material. Which material you choose depends on the job or the type of product you're looking for, but the right material can make your job easier and safer.


Incredibly strong and light, aluminum ladders are used for a wide variety of jobs around the house and the workplace.


Designed for working around electricity, these material provides even greater flexibility than Aluminum.


Sturdy and reliable, wood is a classic material that helps keep the costs down.


Steel provides higher durability ratings. This helps you focus on keeping all the heavy duty tools you need close at hand.

Select A Load Capacity

The total load supported by a ladder or work platform includes the combined weight of the user, clothing, tools, and any materials on the ladder. Choose a load capacity the suits your needs.

Select A Size

The last step in selecting your perfect ladder or work platform is choosing the right height or size. Selecting a ladder height or work surface area appropriate for your task takes careful consideration.