Series FXS2000

Louisville Ladder 6-Foot Fiberglass Cross Step Ladder, Type I, 250-pound Load Capacity, FXS2006

Duty Rating: Type I

Load: 250

This Louisville 6 foot fiberglass Cross Step ladder has a Type I duty rating with load capacity of 250lbs. This ladder combines the Shelf and Step Ladder for a 2 in 1 combination made to take on multiple placement locations. The shelf design and its unique ProTop and innovative locking mechanism allows for positioning against a wall, building, or pole. When unlocked, this ladder sets up as a regular step ladder. The angles of the step ladder allow the capability to get closer to the work area. The Cross-Step Ladder is equipped with a V-shape ProTop with non-marring slip resistant rubber tread that allows it to be placed safely on corners and poles. This ladder’s ProTop also features a magnet and multiple slots that allow quick and easy access to your tools. Other features include Louisville Ladder’s patented SHOX impact absorption system, Professional slip resistant boot, and pinch resistant spreader braces. The new Louisville FXS2006 Fiberglass Cross-Step ladder meets or exceeds the safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA.


  • Converts From A Step Ladder Into A Shelf Ladder For A 2 In 1 Combination
  • V Shape ProTop Allows The Ladder To Lean Against Walls Buildings And Poles
  • ProTop With Multiple Tool Slots And Magnet
  • Innovative Lock Latch To Secure Rear Section
  • Step Ladder Angles Allows You To Get Closer To The Work Area
  • Shox Impact Absorption System
  • Professional Slip Resistant Boot
  • Pinch Resistant Spreader Braces
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Load Capacity
Duty Rating
Type I

Product Specifications

  • Product: Step Ladders
  • SKU: FXS2006
  • Style: Cross-Step
  • Duty Rating: Type I
  • Load Capacity (lbs): 250
  • Size: 6
  • Number of Steps: 5
  • Rung Type: Standard Step
  • Step Depth: 3
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 18
  • Maximum Standing Height (in): 3' 9''
  • Maximum Standing Height (in): 45
  • Maximum Reach (in): 124
  • Open Volume (cu. ft.): 0.00
  • Open Volume (cu. m.): 0.96
  • Open Height (in): 69.103
  • Open Depth (in): 36.6825
  • Open Width (in): 22.25
  • Closed Volume (cu. ft.): 6.777
  • Closed Height: 74
  • Closed Depth: 7
  • Closed Width (in): 24
  • Top Width Closed (in): 13.1875
  • ANSI Certified
  • OSHA Certified

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